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CEF training ends

28 July 2016

ABOUT 40 Sunday School teachers from the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) in the West Kwara’ae Association 3, recently completed a seminar on Child Evangelism Fellowship training.

The week-long training whichwas held at Busurata SSEC church was aimed to equip all Sunday school teachers in the association and to train them on how to teach a young child to receive their Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

According to the West Kwara’ae Association three (3) Sunday school coordinator Joylyn Oli, she said this training is the first training hosted in zone one of the association.

She said, the participants really enjoyed the seminar because they have learnt many new things they have never gone through before.

She encouraged them that they are the role model for the young children in the association.

Ms Oli also stressed out that such training is an important for every Sunday school teachers or anyone who wish to teach the children about Biblical stories.

One of the participants said, he had learnt a lot from the training and the teachingswhich now equipped him with the skills to look after the young children in his church.

“I have learnt a lot from this training and the teachings we have gone through has equipped me to become a role model for the children in my church from now and,” the participant said.

Mrs Oli acknowledged the staff from the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) for the great support towards the training.

She also thanked the participants and the Busurata community for the hospitality rendered to them.

By Job Rongo’au,
SINU journalism student