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Church head calls on leaders to work together

11 February 2014

A VISITING church leader has urged the country’s leaders to set aside their differences and work together if they want great things to happen to the country.

The world leader of the Seventh-Day Adventist church Pastor Ted Wilson was visiting the country with his wife Nancy.

“Great things happen when we work together not only in the church but also in offices and other places. I encourage ministers to let statesmanship preside over differences for a better government,” he said.

He later inspected a guard of honour at Jack Pidik Park by Pathfinders and church youths.

He thanked them for the parade and encouraged them never to lose focus on Jesus Christ, the giver of life.

“I’m so privileged to be here in this beautiful nation of PNG for the second time to witness the exotic culture as performed by the little children,” he said.

He encouraged the youngsters to hold fast to their faith as it would guide them to a better life.

“Turning to Christ as a way out from your problems is good. Unfortunately many people look to the world for answers to their problems,” he said.
“These worldly things like alcohol in the end do not help solve but create more problems.”

Wilson was expected to meet Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Opposition leader Belden Namah on Friday.

He spoke to church members on Saturday (Sabbath) during a service and witnessed the baptism of 30 people.

Port Moresby (The National)