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New priest ordained

04 February 2014

Members of the Catholic church over the weekend witnessed the ordination of a new priest at the Holy Cross Cathedral in Honiara on Saturday.

 Steven Keri who hails from Tangarare Parish was ordained by Archbishop Adrian Smith to serve as a new priest.

According to West Guadalcanal Solomon Star stringer John Toki, the ordination service was successfully conducted by Archbishop Smith with the assistance of Auxiliary Bishop of Honiara John Doaninoel.

He said that priest Keri now joins the Dominican Society.

About 30 priests from Auki, Gizo and Honiara Dioceses attended the ceremony to witness the ordination along with hundreds more catholic members.

Mr Toki said that people from Tangarare parish hosted the ordination programme.

“People of Tangarare parish are happy to have their son being ordained to the Dominican.

“The newly ordained priest belongs to the Catholic Church of Solomon Islands and not Tangarare Parish alone,” said Toki while quoting Archbishop Smith.

“It is good to see young boys and girls involve in church activities or become brothers or sisters.

“Involving in unlawful activities is not good but youths should get engage in church programmes.

 “Young boys and girls in a family should obey your father and mother and look after your body because it is the temple of God.

“It (body) is holy,” Archbishop Smith was quoted as saying this during the ceremony.

The programme also featured Tangarare Sepe and Lala dancing group providing entertainment.

The program ended with a feasting.

Mr Toki, said the program ended very well and the people from Tangarare are pleased to be part of the ceremony.

By Stephen Diisango