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Dunn family thanks Church for support

28 January 2014

THE family of the Seventh Day Adventist medical missionary who was killed on Atoifi some forty nine (49) years ago have thanked the Solomon Islands SDA Mission for its support toward them, especially in finally resting their son and brother the late Dr Brian Dunn at his final resting place at Betikama over the weekend.

The late Dr Dunn was a medical missionary sent to Atoifi in 1965, and was tragically killed whilst working there.

Since his death, Dr Dunn’s body was body was buried at the Kola Ridge cemetery, not until early this year when his remains were exhumed and finally laid to rest at the Adventist cemetery at Betikama.

Speaking at a commemoration service held for the late Dr Dunn, his brothers John and Peter who flew in all the way from Britain spoke of their joy and love for the Church, especially for its support in finally resting their brother at the mission cemetery.

The Dunn family who are strong Anglican believers said that they now can no longer be sad over the tragedy seeing their brother was looked after and laid to rest well.

“It was indeed a joy and relief to see finally see our brother laid to rest in the grounds of the Church he believed in and died for.
“Brian was a humble joyous man who wanted who loved God with all his heart.

“His death was not at all a tragedy, but rather a breakthrough for the Church especially having seen the growth and success of both the Church and
Atoifi hospital over the years,” the Dunn brothers said to the congregation that attended the program.

Dr Brian Dunn died at the age of 25 and is survived by his widow, Valmae Dunn who is still alive and lives in England.