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Church celebrates the life of fallen missionary

28 January 2014

THE Seventh Day Adventist Church in Honiara has over the weekend commemorated the life of the late Adventist Medical Missionary Martyr Dr Brian Dunn.

The late Dr Dunn at British missionary was one of the first missionaries’ to set foot and work at Atoifi Hospital before he was tragically killed in 1965.

The commemoration program began on Sunday 19 January with the exhumation (removal) of the remains of the late Brian Dunn from Kola Ridge cemetery to the Adventist cemetery at Betikama.

Speaking to Solomon Star yesterday, one of the organizers Mr James Bouro highlighted that the weekend program was indeed an emotional and heartfelt one, especially with presence of the late Dunn’s brothers, John and Peter.

“We were indeed honored to have hosted the brothers of one of our first medical missionaries who was tragically killed at Atoifi in 1965.
“During the program we heard many stories of the kind of person Brian was, and also of his personal background from his brothers.

“Not only that we were also privileged to still have some of Brian’s students at Atoifi who witnessed the tragic incident give their accounts of what had happened,” Mr Bouro said.

He added that despite all the sorrow and heartache that the tale of the death of the late Dr Brian Dunn had, it only reminds us how our early missionaries’ sacrificed their lives for the gospel of God to flourish in our country.

The late Dr Brian Dunn was only 25 years old when he tragically died and is survived by his widow who is still alive and well in England.