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Priest maintains innocence

27 January 2014

THE Anglican priest who allegedly led a group of landowners to destroy logging machines on Vanikoro Island, Temotu has maintained his innocence.

A relative of the priest, Benjamin Tua said the priest is still in Lata and police have not arrested him yet.

Six people have already been arrested in relation to the incident that takes place last month on the Boxing Day.

Mr Tua claimed the priest is innocent and does not involve in this incident.

He said the police only get one side of the story.

“The landowners themselves who went to the logging site and destroy the machines and not the priest as was claimed by Lata police earlier,” he said.  

“The priest was only there to talk to the landowners but instead he was accused of leading the group to cause trouble.”

However Mr Tua said they want the Asia loggers who were still living on their land to leave.

Meanwhile, latest report from Lata PPC they are yet to questioned the priest.

The cost of the damages is around $1 million.

The Asian logging company operates illegally at Lavaka village on Vanikoro Island.