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Auki SSEC Central Church opens Easter week

12 April 2017

The Auki South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) Central Church on Sunday welcomed the holy week in style with a march parade through Auki on Palm Sunday.

Hundreds of SSEC members to the streets of Auki shouting “Hosanna to the King of Kings” as they started their Palm Sunday service led by the Church live band on a moving vehicle to the church where the Palm Sunday celebration continued for the day.

Speaking to this paper in an interview on Tuesday, SSEC Auki Central Church secretary Timothy Apaesi said the march through Auki town on Palm Sunday was to celebrate the Palm Sunday and to welcome the holy Easter week.

Mr. Apaesi said this Palm is Sunday is an important date and event in the Christians calendar.

“Auki SSEC Central Church is happy to celebrate the day with fellow Christians who also celebrated Palm Sunday around the world.”

He said the parade also marked the official opening of the Auki SSEC Central Church Easter Program which will resume back tomorrow with the Church congregational prayer at Betel Pray Centre at 4 pm lead by Pastor Josiah Igita.

The program will continue on Good Friday with a general service at scheduled for 9am.

The worship leader is Willie Fafoi and the preacher is Javen Rukia, the choir for the day will be presented by the Aligegeo PSS staff and students and Auki youth while Holy Communion will be lead by David Ganifiri.

Auki Women’s Fellowship singing band will be performing outside of the church compound on the same day at 7pm while tea will be served.

The program will continue on for Saturday at 7 pm with a fellowship night which will be led by Timothy Afia as the worship leader and Pastor Jather Maenua as the preacher.

Choir for the night will be presented by the Sunday School teachers and Men’s band.

The program will end on Sunday with a general service scheduled for 9am in the morning.

The worship leader for the Sunday general service will be Mr Apaesi and the preacher is Senior Pastor Josiah Igita while the Women’s Fellowship will present the choir for the day.

Mr. Apaesi said on Sunday after the general service program food will be served.

The public is welcomed to be part of the Auki SSEC Central Church Easter program.

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