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Christ the King Cathedral at Fiu to celebrate 85th anniversary

18 May 2017

Christ the King Cathedral at Fiu Village Diocese of Malaita will turn 85 years in June, 2018.

Therefore the Church plans to celebrate the event since the arrival of mission work in the area and the establishment of its Cathedral.

As such greetings from us all living and serving here at Christ the King Cathedral at Fiu Village, Diocese of Malaita to you Christian brothers and sisters throughout the country. 

It gives us much joy to inform you good Christian Brothers and Sisters that the Church building dedicated as Christ the King Cathedral at Fiu, will be eighty five years (85) old in 2018 since its consecration on 15th June 1933.

The church building was erected by Alfred Crace Sage in 1932 in memory of his son Charles Crace Sage who served the Melanesian Mission in Malaita from 1906 and was fatefully drowned at sea in South Malaita on June 7th 1913.

Historical Mission at Fiu

The Anglican mission first landed at Fiu Central Kwara’ae in the 1900’s. Arthur Ako first started a school at Borokata near the Fiu river mouth and in 1901 Arthur I. Hopkins arrived on Malaita and settled at Ngorefou North Malaita. Arthur Hopkins built his 2nd Home at Onebulu Fiu.

At the request of Arthur I. Hopkins, Arthur Ako and new Christians built a new church at Onebulu Fiu in 1902. Charlse Turu later returned from Fiji and help with teaching at Fiu.

New Christians attending service are usually protected by armed guards, from attacks by heathen bushmen. Arthur Ako was later killed by a heathen in 1904.

In preparation for the even the Fiu Parish committee proposed to mark the 85th anniversary of the church building next June in 2018.

The proposal was endorsed by the Diocesan bishop, the Right Reverend Sam Sahu.

The current activities required to be done in preparation for this occasion includes:

 1. Refurbishment of the church building and furniture;

 2. Completion of the Rectors House;

3. Cost of the 85th anniversary celebration.

The current church building which you can see is the building to be refurbished. The walls are made of reinforce concrete, the roof structure is of treated timber and the roof is of asbestos cement.

Same parts of the roof were damaged by fallen coconut palms and fire by vandals in 2003.

Some timber works were also damaged by water leaking through cracks in the roof. Some parts of the floor are also damaged by tree roots and need repair and tiling.

The roof needs to be clean with high pressure water and to be painted red. The side walls and front will be decorated with woven bamboo strips.

We humbly request the generous support from Malaita Christians, companies and organizations throughout the country, to help us complete these tasks.

Your support in a form of materials and/ or finance will be appreciated and acknowledge.

A fellowship Service for all members of the Diocese of Malaita living in DOCM will be held at St Barnabas Cathedral (Honiara) on Rogation Sunday 21st May 2017 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

And will be conducted by Revd, William Siarani and a sermon by the Malaita diocesan Bishop.

Free will offering will also be invited from all who come.

Financial donations from Organizations and individuals can be deposited into account 4164589 ANZ. And for acknowledgement contact:

Canon Reuben Moli chairman Fiu Parish: 7797430  Email: [email protected]

Mr. Peter Thomson Laea: 7747535.

Or for hand delivery contact the Honiara base Committee members.

Mr Obrien Dii Chairman: 7490416: email: [email protected]

Mr Alick Oitalo Secretary: 7488230, Christ the King Gilbert Camp.

Mr Henry Batini Treasurer:

Rose Anilabata: 7492596, St Barnabas Catheral.

Martin Kwanafia: 7517152, Vura Parish

By: O____brien Dii & Reuben Moli