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Good Shepherd parish Catholic Mothers celebrates

17 August 2017

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Catholic Mothers of Good Shepherd parish North Easter of Guadalcanal arose to the call for a procession with the image of the Blessed Mother Mary.       

They prayed the rosary prayer with songs of praise to Mother Mary and proceed with the procession to the main parish church.

These were the usual programme the Catholic Mothers did every year they gathered together to celebrate the feats of the Assumption of Mary.

Holy Mass was offered and a prayerful reflection to the feast day shared during the Holy Mass. Strong encouraging words were put forward to the Catholic Mothers.   

Talks on the life of Mary and the Rosary prayer with the Seven sorrows of Mary had been given by Nemesio Leta straight after the Holy Mass, followed by sharing of challenges from different speakers.

Celebrating the feast of the Assumption of Mary not only brought Catholic Mothers together in prayers and talks, but also shared their joys and hard times in life to help one another, and to encouraged each other’s in Marys’ Spiritual life.

They felled the Heavenly Grace in the presence of Mary mother of Jesus Christ.           

Whenever a gathering like this took place, three things were always involved: A Candle procession with the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Mass and Talks to challenged and encourage Mothers.

The yearly get together also was a time for the mothers to catch up with each other to share their lives in their own respective families.

By Joe Vidiki
Catholic Communication