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Koa Hill community marks Bishop Patteson St Day

26 September 2017
Altar boys after the Bishop Patteson St Day at Koa Hill. [Photo: Teddy Kafo]

MORE than 500 members of the Koa Hill Anglican congregation in central Honiara convened on Sunday 24th September to mark their church’s Saint Bishop Patterson Day.

The church was named after a martyr Bishop John Coleridge Patterson from England who was murdered at Nukapu, an atoll in the Reef Islands in the Santa Cruz Islands, on 20 September 1871.

Vicar General of the Diocese of Central Melanesia (DOCM) Reverend Fr. Philip Rongotha conducted the Sunday mass service.

During the service, Reverend Rongotha highlighted the history of the church martyr Bishop Patterson and his work in the Solomon Islands in those days.

The emphasis put across to the congregants is clear ‘continue carry on the work of the mission in this country.’

Koa Hill Anglican Church community chairman Paul Ramo in closing remarks acknowledged the presence of Reverend Rongotha and went on to thank the community for their support and work towards the successful celebrations over the weekend.

The program concluded with feasting and entertainment provided by various group in the community.

Koa Hill Anglican Church is currently under construction and set for opening early next year.

Also work on the proposed John Coleridge Patterson University (JCPU) is currently taking shape with land at the North Guadalcanal plains identified as the building site.