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Archbishop Cardone successfully tours Ulawa

16 October 2017
Sunday school children pose with his Grace the Archbishop before his departure.

Archbishop Christopher M Cardone Op of the Catholic Church last week visited the communities of Ulawa District in Makira Ulawa Province.

His Pastoral visitation to the province was to meet with people of Ulawa District.

The chairman, John Wala’ala, welcomed His Grace on behalf of the Su’umoli communities.

“I wish to warmly welcome you to Ulawa Islands which is sometimes known as Rocky Islands and especially to St. Joseph Catholic Community and St. Andrew Anglican Community here at Su’umoli Village.

“We are honored by your visit and this occasion will never be forgotten.  Many of us did not attend the special occasion of your Installation at Holy Cross but are privileged to see you in person here in our islands,”Mr. Wala’ala said.

“Your visit to Ulawa Catholic District is not an accident, but it is a blessing and a historical visit that brings us great joy and encouragement which strengthen our faith and our Christian life,” he said.

The trip also gave privileged for the religions to have a combine Mass at St Joseph Chapel at Su’umoli.

The communities were thankful as the Archbishop blessed the cemetery, sick and the elderly.

Archbishop Chris took time to visit the home of the Anglican Archbishop, Bishop George Takeli known as Suholo village.

Archbishop Chris expressed his gratitude to the Catholics of Ulawa, “I thank each and every one of you for making great sacrifices to come and meet with me.  We achieved so much in a short time especially our time of discussion and listening to your concerns regarding your Catholic faith.  May God bless each one of you and your families.”

The visit was a success as the people farewell His Grace to return to Honiara on the 11th of October.