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Candidates get Sacrament of confirmation

16 October 2017
Archbishop Chris poses with the newly confirmed Candidates outside Su'umoli Chapel.

More than 40 candidates from the four Catholic Communities in Ulawa District under the patronage of Saint John the Baptist Kirakira Parish received the sacrament of Confirmation at St Joseph chapel Su’umoli by Archbishop Chris Cardone OP last week.

Conformation is one of the seven sacraments and the third sacrament in the Roman Catholic Church that all the Catholics must receive as a gift of the Holy Spirit as they grow up.

During his homily the Archbishop welcomed and spoke of the importance of receiving the Sacrament of confirmation.

“Today our young people will receive the important sacrament which is the sacrament of confirmation and it is a blessing for you and your families.When we pray we should remain silent and focus our mind on Jesus by putting our hands together. This shows that we honor and praise him (Jesus) in our Hearts,” he said.

He also explained the meaning of the three important items that the bishop receives and wears when they are appointed as new Archbishop.

“The ring symbolises the Archbishop’s Commitment, the Hat symbolises the Old and New Testament Bible and Crosier symbolises the bringing of the Christian heart together.” His Grace explained

The Archbishop also distributed to each candidate holy rosaries and urged them to pray and say the Rosary daily to help deepen their relationship with God.

He encouraged the candidates to read the bible daily so they will have good knowledge about the Bibleand practically living by the principles therein.

The archbishop also urged the candidates to be committed to God’s work to become faithful, loving and wise and be good shepherd and servant of God.