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Zion SDA Church stages historical mass wedding

18 October 2017
The eight new couples after the wedding ceremony.

Zion Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in East Honiara over the weekend successfully conducted a mass wedding.

It was described as a historical achievement and milestone for the Church to host such a mass wedding ceremony.

Eight couples who have been living together for years without properly legalising their union as couple underwent through the ceremony of holy matrimony.

Most of them have children, some in the government working class and some were self-employed.

The program was initiated and drive by the church Minister Nolex Gregory Hendry.

Minister Nolex in a statement to the Church’s Communication and Media Department, explained the reasons behind this program.

“It was my aim to achieve this this year 2017. Legalising marriage in the Church is very important as far the church is concern.”

The program is well supported by the Church members and this first of its kind to have this mass wedding ceremony.

One week before the 15th of October ceremony, a stewardship emphasis sessions were conducted as part of re-emphasising Family Life in the Churches.

There have been criticism and negative comments but these words fail to shake the purpose of this program.

Conducting the session, a qualified and experienced Church Minister Pr Jack Maega shared very important things about family and marriage life.

Speaking during the ceremony, Pr Maega expressed his joy to officiate this wedding.

“It’s the first of its kind and this is very interesting.”

He also stated that there are still others in the church and other churches that need to do this.

“Its a must. It is not just for the sake of legalising but dedicating your family or marriage to God. When you want to have a happy marriage and family, invite God to live among the family. Your wealth can not make your family live a happy life. It is only through Christ Jesus.”

Sharing this historical moment together, family members, church family and community enjoyed a combine lunch with the newly wedded couples.

Communication/Media Dept
Zion SDA Church