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Students told to shine as Bosconian

24 October 2017
Mr. James Bosamata presents a Certificate to one of the Graduates.

Students studying at the Don Bosco Technical institution (DBTI) both the outgoing and continuing students have been urged to abide with the rules though they no are longer students of DBTI.

But, they must have a good reputation as a Bosconian in whatever organization they are seeking employment with.

Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of education and human resources Development (MEHRD) James Bosamata was speaking at the 16th graduation day of the 130 students of DBTI at Don Bosco institution last week.

“You belong to the Don Bosco family. Remember that Don Bosco is not only your school but your second home as well and in it you should act spontaneously in the same way as you would in your own home,” he said. 

He said the high quality of technical and vocational education and training provided by the various Don Bosco Schools has been recognized in the field and for you the graduates are appreciated by the industry not only for their competencies in the different trades attested by their hands on capabilities but also for their better work discipline, quality technical and vocational education and training in the country.

“You abide by the guidelines you have been given because they are meant to form you in to a good Christian and an honest citizen of Solomon Islands.

Here your education to the faith is of utmost priority. It is like a Parish which evangelizes” Mr. Bosamata said.

“Similarly these guidelines are aids in marking your stay in DBTI a happy, memorable and interesting as you relate with the school community.

“Don Bosco is a playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves and never forget that you a Bosconian in the Campus and out of it as well, as your behavior, good or bad, will be a reflection on the name of the school.

“Always manifest your good training by polite manners, respecting all alike, whether lady or gentlemen. Remember you are Bosconian always and everywhere: once a Bosconian always a Bosconian” Mr. Bosamata said.