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Savosavo Bible translation to start

18 December 2017
Sr. Cecelia Legani SMSM on Savo Island.

ABOUT 30 representatives from Catholic and ACOM churches around Savo Island gathered at Kalaka Community School last Sundayto discuss a plan for the start of a Bible translation in the Savosavo language.

This was the third meeting held this year on the island to discuss the idea and participants expressed strong support for a Savosavo Bible translation.

Rev. Andrew Fanasia, Director of BTLP-SI (Bible Translation and Literacy Partnership, Solomon Islands) and SITAG Directors Timothy & Martha Matzke, traveled to Savo to present information about the translation process and the important role of the community for the completion of a Bible translation.

By the conclusion of the meeting, the participants decided that each church community would nominate two members to aSavosavo Translation Committee.

Participants expressed a commitment to ensure that the committee would include representatives of both men and women, young and mature Savosavo people.

The committee will oversee the translation process; including such tasks as determining key terms to be used, spelling of the language, assigning personnel to the translation team and overseeing fundraising efforts.

A weekend training workshop for the translation committee is planned for 19-21 January in Monago Village on Savo Island.

Sr. Cecelia Legani SMSM, a Marist Missionary Sister with the Catholic Church is a native of Savo who has been serving in South America for the past 20 years and has most recently completed a program of Biblical Studies at a Bible school in Colombia, South America.

This year God has lead Sr. Cecelia to return to the Solomon Islands to serve her own people through Bible translation and she has already begun training in Bible translation principles.

She is also taking further training at Islands Bible College.

Sr. Cecelia is passionate about the importance of the Word of God being translated into Savosavo.

When asked about the potential impact of the Word of God being translated into Savosavo, Sr. Cecelia said, “God gave us our language and he can speak to us in that language.

“We go to church now and hear God’s Word in a foreign language and it doesn’t change us.

“But if we have God’s Word in our own language, it will speak to our hearts and change us as individuals as well as changing our community for the better.”