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Jubilee Cross on pilgrimage

23 April 2018

The Archdiocese of Honiara Jubilee Cross was warmly received with joy by the Parishioners of Immaculate heart of Mary Parish, Manivovo, St. Mary Anglican Community of Namuga and the SSEC representative members in Makira.

The Jubilee Cross was welcomed on its arrival on MV. Awka at 11pm, Thursday night the 29th March.

Official receiving and welcomed speeches were made by Church representatives, and procession made to rest the cross in St. Mary’s Anglican Church at Namamaru, Namuga.

Adorations throughout the night were done in the presences of the Jubilee Cross until morning on Friday. The Cross then was transported by a well decorated ray-boat and three other boats accompanied with melodies of cross chanted hymns which well fitted the Good Friday observances.

On arrival of the cross at Wanamabe passage great number of parishioners was waiting to receive it and enactment of the station of the cross started straightaway. It took the whole crowd of more than three hundred people seven hours of procession with prayers to reach Manivovo Parish station.

The Jubilee Cross then rested in the Parish Church until Easter Tuesday, 3rd April before it started its visitation throughout the whole parish.

The jubilee cross left for Wainoni Parish on the 11th April.

The Jubilee Cross Visitation to our parish sense a great participation of people a ‘Momentum of Prayer,’ and was impressive.

The Jubilee cross is currently traveling around Makira and is expected to return to Honiara on 5th of May.

At that time it will travel to West of Guadalcanal began from Tanagai parish to the rest of the parishes and District of the Archdiocese of Honiara.

On August 22nd to September 16th the Cross will remain in Honiara at Holy Cross Cathedral for the exaltation of the cross.

The journey of the cross go together with the theme which is “TAKE UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW JESUS (Luke 9:23) and also to commemorate the 450th Anniversary of the Cross by the Catholic Franciscan Missionaries who accompanied Alvaro De Mendana cruised to Solomon Islands in 1568 and placed a Cross on the hill of Holy Cross.

The Archdiocese highlights it as the two important events in the church.

Moreover this year 2018 is the year of the Synod in Rome that will highlight the beautiful theme “Young People, Faith and Vocation Discernment.”

Archbishop Chris Cardone reminds the youth and communities to make the year 2000 Great Jubilee Cross again to be a historical event and meaningful for all our people as the cross go around to our parishes.

“Jesus tells us clearly to take up the cross and follow him. The cross is a sign of our Lord’s suffering and death but it is also a sign of love, grace and peace brought about by the resurrection of Christ our merciful savior.”

-By JB Epalle Kulisuia