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PM’s Sunday service at Wesley United

23 October 2018
PM Rick Hou speaking to the Wesley Uniting Church congregration last Sunday.

PRIME Minister (PM) Rick Hou and Madam Rachel Hou on Sunday have joined the Wesley United Church congregation for fellowship.

This is part of the Prime Minister and Madam Rachel’s Church program in visiting different Churches and denominations in Honiara.

Reverend Benjamin who ministered the word of God last Sunday has shared from the Gospel of Luke and Ephesians on the message on decision making from the heart.

Reverend Benjamin has encouraged Christians to make good decisions in life that will benefit their families, communities, society and the nation as a whole.

“We make decisions everyday in life and sometimes we do not know that the decisions we make are affecting people around us. Therefore, I encourage all of us to be wise and seek God’s wisdom when making decisions,” he said.

Prime Minister Hou when addressing the United Church congregation has acknowledged the word of God and the message of decision making as very important.

“I thank the Reverend for the important message. We all make decisions in life but I must acknowledge the challenge a Prime Minister has in making decisions everyday,” he said.

He has also encouraged the Church to continue to work closely with the Government.

The Prime Minister also urged the Church to pray for the Government, the country and her people.

He also briefed the congregation on the current reforms and programs the Government is embarking on.

Meanwhile, Reverend Benjamin has acknowledged the Prime Minister and Madam Rachel for their humility and humbleness to fellowship with their people.

“Despite your busy schedules, I must acknowledge the shared and humble leadership you have demonstrated to come down and spend time with us and other fellow brothers and sisters that you have visited throughout this year. Thank you very much,” he said.

The Prime Minister and Madam Rachel were also accompanied by their children, grandchildren, relatives and senior officials within the Prime Minister’s Office to the Church program.

- PM Press Secretariat