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Father Tiqe laid to rest

29 January 2019
Father (Fr.) Herman Tiqe's casket being taken in a procession from the church to the cemetery.

THOUSANDS of Catholics believer have convened at the Visale Parish, North-West Guadalcanal to farewell Late Father (Fr.) Herman Tiqe, last Wednesday.

Late Tiqe from Tambea Community was the first priest to be posted at the Visale Catholic Parish.

Families, close relatives, and friends have come from Malaita province, Central Province, Russell Islands, Avu’avu, around Guadalcanal and Western Province to be part of the funeral service.

Late Tinge used to attend Tangarare Provincial Secondary School and later attend Holy Name of Mary at Tenaru to train to become a Priest. 

Later on he went to Bo Mana, Papua New Guinea to further his Priesthood training. 

He returned and worked for twenty years as a Priest, in various Parishes in Guadalcanal.

Tinge began his first assignment at Avu’avu and later posted at the Holy Cross taking up the Vicar’s post during the reign of former Archbishop, Adrian Smith.

After that he went to Tangarare Parish and later on to Tenaru to teach catechism until his death.

Archbishop Chris Cardon gave a required Mass at the Holy Cross Cathedral on Tuesday 22nd before the late Tinge was taken to his local church St Peter Channel, at his home community in Tambea. 

That same day, Roavatu Parish Priest, Father Onesimo Reinunu also conducted a required Mass for families of the late Tinge at his home.

Late Tinge also spent the night at Visale Parish Secret Heart Church and was buried the next morning.

Visale Acting Parish Priest, Father Evens Rapasia conducted the funeral service with the presence of Archbishop Chris Cardon of the Diocese of Honiara, Bishop of Auki Diocese in Malaita, Bishop Peter Hou’hou.

 More than 15 other priest also took part in the funeral service to farewell the late priest Father Tiqe.

Late father Herman Tiqe died at the age of 51. 

Photos by JOHN TOKI