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Revival Fellowship church holds first Conference

03 February 2019
The Revival Fellowship Solomon Islands 1st National Conference participants.

THE Revival Fellowship Solomon Islands Church has completed its first National Conference for leaders and Pastors at Vanua Valu in East Honiara, last Friday.

This was confirmed to the Sunday Star by Church Pastor (Pr.), Incey Gurugu.

The conference was launched on Wednesday 30th January and successfully ended on Friday 1st of February.

Attending this remarkable Holy Hour for the Revival Fellowship Church were church leaders in Honiara, Guadalcanal, Malaita and Western Province.

This newly introduced Church has elements of fundamental believes in the Repentance, Immersion Baptism and Receiving of the Holy Spirit.

“The experience of receiving the Holy Spirit is evident through the speaking of tongues,” he said.

In align belief of the church, it also believes in the infallibility of the Bible, Jesus Christ the son of God, the gospel of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and directive to repent, be baptized and received Holy Spirit; baptized into the body of the Holy Spirit and do miraculous with using the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The Church was established in Solomon Islands in 2002 by a local Solomon Islanders, Mr. Salva Toresifo.

After the establishment of the church in 2002, it starts to grow church branches over the yearsin Eastern Honiara Green Valley, West Honiara, LDA Mamara and Vanua Valu in East Guadalcanal.

It also operates in Malaita Province at Dala, Gwaunaru’ru (Ngaliuru), Ngaliwawao (Futafalu) and in Western Province in Munda and Noro.

Pr. Gurugu was pleased about the 34 leaders from all branches of churches in Honiara and provinces to attend the first ever conference of the Church Leaders and Pastors at Vanua Valu.

He also said that Solomon Islands need to be revived on these last days as the coming of Jesus Christ drawing near.

During the conference,leaders’ representative from every church branch shared their testimonies, how they meet God in ‘The Revival Fellowship Church.’

Speaking during the conference was Anthony Siria, who was saved by God at the mouth of the grave.

“God has taken me back from the mouth of the grave.

“I’ve ruined by cancer and death was only an option but when I received God’s miracle through The Revival Fellowship Church, I was healed,” explained Anthony Siria, a leader in East Guadalcanal.

This newly formed church has reached three provinces and one of their objectives is to reach the other six provinces in the Solomon Islands.

“We don’t force people to follow us but if you believe that God can heal you, you can follow us,” Pr. Guguru said.

He said their members are people of different background. Pr. Gugurualso added that they prayed to heal people with different kind of disease.

The Revival Fellowship has 300 plus members in the Solomon Islands and they’re able to grow with the power of God.