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Power and authority for development

28 May 2014

THANK you for allowing this precious time for us to sit together and to think over some thing important which I would like to share for our people and the nation.

The word of God says that we have been created in Christ Jesus to do good works and to bless others.

If Solomon Islands is to recapture the truth which the Son of God, Christ Jesus came to leave with mankind we must return to His Holy word alone.

Christ Jesus came to earth for one purpose only. In a nutshell, He came to restore the Kingdom of God and the pattern which was lost in the Garden of Eden.

The Kingdom of God is a general term which describes the rule of the Sovereign King who is our heavenly Father over the whole universe including the earth.

Generally speaking, His territory of rulership is heaven where He lives with His holy angels and the physical universe.

The universe is described by astronomers as made up of galaxies, stars, black-holes, meteorites, the planets of our solar system which includes the physical earth and etc.

According to the biblical story of the earth, man (Adam and Eve) were created to have dominion or to rule over it and everything that was found on earth.

Christ Jesus came as the last Adam to create a new person out of the old person who was birthed out from the genes of the first Adam.

The first Adam disqualified himself by a wilful disobedience to the word and command of God.

The sovereign King's command was very powerful.

The same power which God used to create the universe and the earth was incorporated in the statement, "The day you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you will surely die".

Creation was brought into chaos the day they fell.

Twenty first century man and Solomon Islanders find it difficult to fully grasp and to understand the power and the authority of God's precious word.

This could be one reason we do not believe the scriptures whenever it is preached.

There are times when it is preached, it is not delivered in the godly power which is expected to cause an impact and a change in the lives of people.

Something is missing. The church needs to return to the original power and the authority of God's living word.

Christ came to restore His Kingdom rule and pattern in the lives of human beings so that we as his creatures can fully operate under the authority and the dynamic power which He had intended for man to execute.

Why is there little godly impact being experienced in our government system, the business sector, urban centres like Honiara, Auki, Gizo, our communities and villages?

We tend to see more of the negative side of life than God's original kingdom lifestyle and authority which he had intended for man in Christ Jesus.

Christ came to earth to restore the rule of His Kingdom beginning in the hearts of people.

This restoration process is sometimes described by the term, "born again".

We must be born into the Kingdom of God if we are to experience its goodness, wealth and lifestyle.

For example, the citizens of the United Kingdom do have all the privileges and the rights to be part of all state lands and resources of UK.

If they travel to foreign lands and meet difficulties like being captured by enemies, the UK government will use its power in whatever way to try and to bring her citizens back and to punish those enemies.

Christ confirmed the Kingdom lifestyle of heaven by saying, "I have come that YOU may have LIFE and to have in more abundantly".

The creation and the birthing of new people into the Kingdom of God is a NOW and a current business, to put it that way.

This process in within and is done through the dynamic power and the working of the Holy Spirit of God who is actively residing in the lives of Christian believers.

This is a church mystery.

Christ says, "Unless you are born again you cannot enter the Kingdom of God".

We cannot buy our citizenship into God's holy Kingdom like what we can do here to become Solomon Islands citizen.

The ONLY requirement which God the Father desires of humans is to enter into the spiritual process of the new birth.

A born again person of the Kingdom of God has been made and created in the image of Christ.

Christ came to transfer His image and likeness into poor sinful human beings.

Sinful, weak and poor as we are, Christ the King has great power and authority to transfer and to create something wonderful and beautiful out of our 'no good' lives.

Christ already declared the words prior to His ascension to heaven, "All power and authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth".

When Christ has created us in Him by the power of His Holy Spirit, we CAN fully experience the mighty working of His power in our lives.

Our homes, villages, towns and communities can be changed because the sovereign power and authority of Christ is in us impacting our circumstances for the glory of God our Father.

Our weakness is that so often we do not allow the Holy Spirit who is the greatest of all teachers to lead us in our everyday tasks and chores.

Most times we tend to focus more on the difficulty of the problems of our lives than peacefully allowing the Governor of God's Kingdom the Holy Spirit to have His way and to implement His purposes under God's authority in our lives.

Solomon Islands and her people can have this dynamic resurrected power of Christ working and impacting this beautiful nation for good.

We need to learn how to tap into God's unending sources of power and authority.

This is the only way our government system, business sector and the communities can be greatly impacted and change for a better and new Solomon Islands.

Let the LORD have His way in our lives every day.

There is no peace, there is no rest until the LORD has His way in our hearts and lives.

Let us pray for each other. God bless.

Mount Austen
East Honiara