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130 candidates receive first Holy Eucharist

03 October 2019
Four of the girls who received the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist for the first time last Sunday.

ABOUT 130 candidates have received their Sacrament of Holy Eucharist on Sunday - 29th September at the Holy Cross Cathedral.

Several hundreds Holy Cross parishioners packed the Cathedral to witness the event, Epalle Kulisuia of Catholic Media reported.

The celebration of the Holy Mass commenced at 11am with a well prepared liturgy sung by the melodies of voice of the Holy Cross Sunday School choir.

The main celebrator was His Lordship Archbishop Christopher Cardone and co-celebrated by Fr. John Galvin the Vicar General of archdiocese of Honiara, Kulisuia reported.

“Holy Eucharist is the important Sacrament in the Universal Church that they celebrate in their daily lives for the Catholic faithful to receive for the physical and spiritual health and to have source of live,” Kulisuia said.

The 130 Sunday School candidates received this Sacrament after completing the yearly lesson instruction in the Sunday School.

Archbishop Cardone during his short, inspiring and encouraging homily shared many important words on the Holy Eucharist for candidates and the congregation to reflect and mediated on. 

“We hope today our Children receive the Holy Eucharist in wonderful, powerful experience because we do exactly what Jesus tells us to do at the last supper when Jesus blessed the bread and wine and He said do this in memory of me. And what we do today is exactly what Jesus asks us to do,” he said.

The blessed celebration ended with speeches, certificate award, entertainment and refreshment at the parish hall.

Most of the parents, teachers and parishioners were excited to be part of the celebration.

By JB Epalle Kulisuia
Catholic Media



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