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Choiseul villagers celebrate their faith

31 May 2014

PAQOE village on Choiseul celebrated the 100 years centenary of the arrival of the United Church in their community, recently.

The gospel was brought to the area on 12 May 1914.

The week-long celebration was organised under the theme ‘Celebrating the Amazing Love of God’.

United Church Moderator Wilfred Kurepitu, who was the guest of honour at the event, said a big number of people, including those from Western Province and Honiara, gathered at Paqoe to witness the celebration.

The Member of Parliament for north Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare and premier Jackson Kiloe also attended.

The assembly office of United Church in Munda and the general secretary Eddison Kotomae and staff also attended the celebration.

“A lot of dancing, cultural shows, songs composed by youths, and feasting were the highlights of the celebration,” Rev Kurepitu said.

He said people worship and celebrate the love of God during the celebration.

Mr Sogavare and premier Kiloe pledged their support and encouragement for the church and the people of Paqoe. 

Late John Hopa of Kolobangara Island in Western Province brought the gospel to Paqoe in 1914.

Rev Kurepitu said the people of Paqoe were so happy to celebrate the maturity of their faith.



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