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Anglican youths in West Kwara’ae held open day

26 March 2020
Youths from Buma.

Youths from four communities in West Kwara’ae, Malaita Province over the weekend gathered for a youth open day program at Gwounaru'u St Paul Anglican Church. 

According to Coordinator George Hagi, the youth open day is usually held at the beginning of each year.

“This is to allow youth groups within the Anglican communities to come together for a blessing ceremony before they could go out and do church work in their various communities.”

Mr.Hagi said over a hundred youths from four communities namely; Faufane, Buma, Gwounaru'u, and Gwalobala attended the event on Sunday 22 March 2020. 

He described the open day as a success and encourages youths to go out and do what is required of them after the ceremony. 

Asked about why this program is important to the youths, he said; “it is import to keep youths busy with church activities so that they can stay out of addictive substances like smoke, alcohol and other social behaviors which proven unhealthy for them and society,” he said. 

Mr. Hagi acknowledged youth groups who participated in the program were held at Gwounaru'u.

“Thank you all for your attendance in making the event a successful one,” he said. 

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