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Veranaso celebrates feast of Pentecost

03 June 2020
The Sisters making their vows before the Archbishop, the Most Reverend Leonard Dawea.

MEMBERS of the Anglican Church at Veranaso in west Guadalcanal have on Sunday celebrated the Holy Eucharist service and celebrations at the feast of Pentecost at the Headquarters of the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia (CSM).Archbishop Leonard Dawea, Father of the Sister was the preacher and celebrant at the Eucharist service.

In his sermon, Archbishop Leonard reminded the newly admitted sisters and all members of the religious orders to keep the promises as they continue to serve within their respective orders.

He urges them to be together in everything the community wants them to.

"Togetherness in prayer, work and study are very important aspects in our community" he stated.

He also urges the members of the religious orders to keep what they have learned at home before joining the communities.

"Live within the context you brought up within your village. I know before you came to the community, you were once a prayerful boy/girl, you know your cultural values and respect, etc... If your ministry is to be effective today; I encourage you to live the way you were once shaped in your village. With this, I believe you will enjoy your time here in your respective communities and your mission will be more effective", Archbishop Leonard, a former member of the Melanesian Brotherhood said.

Sr. Clera Nenaia from Malaita, Sr. Dania Maesiara from Makira, Sr. Ellam Wai from Malaita, Sr. Jassie Bota from Ngella and Sr. Emma Luisa from Malaita were made sisters yesterday by Archbishop Leonard in front of their parents, family members, the members of the four religious orders and before God as they also made their promises of poverty, Celibacy, and Obedience to serve in the community.

ACOM Mission Secretary, Fr. Nigel Kelaepa, and some staff from the ACOM provincial office also attended this festive celebration.

The celebration ended with feasting and entertainment.



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