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Youths thank MARA govt

08 July 2020
2020 All Pacific Youth rep Mr.Faea, former Premier Richard Namo Irosaea, current Premier Daniel Suidani with the Covenant and former Premier Rouben Moli.

THE 2020 All-Pacific Youth Arise has thanked MARA government for finally accepting a covenant signed by former Premier Richard Namo Irosaea for Malaita to serve the God of Israel as their only living God.

The former Premier Mr. Irosaea signed the covenant back in 2007. 

Over the years, Malaita youths think it is best if the copy of the covenant could be put on display at the Malaita Provincial Chamber. 

For the past 13 years, the covenant was absent from the Malaita Provincial Chamber until yesterday when the current Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani accepted the signed document to be put up on the walls of the Provincial Chamber. 

According to the Chairman of 2020 All-Pacific Youth Arise program Chairman Lency Timothy Faea, Christian youths in Malaita Province have been longing for the covenant to be put on display in the provincial chamber.

He said this is to remind the current Malaita Provincial Government and future leaders that Malaita belongs to God and all the decisions reached in the chamber should be guided by God’s wisdom.

With that, he said that representatives from other provinces who participated in the program are looking forward to doing the same back in their respective provinces and provincial chambers.

Representatives from youths in Western, Central, Temotu, and Guadalcanal Provinces were also part of the program yesterday.

The historical event falls on the 7th day of the 7th month of 2020.