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DUKWASI theater group put on colourful drama

15 July 2020
Some of the actors in the Dukwasi theatre Youth group.

DUKWASI Theater Youth Group performed a colourful drama based on the Bible story of Joseph and his amazing technique colored dream coat much to the amazement of Auki residents, Malaita Province.

The Dukwasi Theater Youth Group caught the Auki public by surprise when they staged an astonishing performance at the Auki wharf on Friday night.

Hundreds came out to watch in awe as the put on the exciting drama.

At the event, they dramatized the story of Joseph who was sold by his own brothers to Egypt and later became king and later forgave his brothers. 

Auki residents who witnessed the drama expressed so much praise for the group and their outstanding performance.

The drama which put everyone on their toes went on for two solid hours from 7:30 pm-9:30 pm. 

It was a lively performance that got everyone talking after the performance.

According to the Youth Coordinator Delite Saefo'oa, it's their first public performance this year 

She said they were pleased with the positive feedback received from the public.

Mrs.Saefo'oa said the group is now ready to tour nearby communities with their outreach program.

She said the group is made up of 80 members who played various roles in the drama.

The youngest in the group is age 5 while the oldest in the group is age 40, she said.

The group is from the Dukwasi Anglican Church in Central Kwara'ae. 

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