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Isabel Diocese prepares for synod

23 July 2020
Mrs. Selina Lonamei.

THE Diocese of Isabel Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) is currently hard at work preparing for its synod set to be staged next week in Kia, at the western end of Isabel.

Speaking to the paper in Buala early this week, Isabel Mothers Union President Selina Lonamei said some of the officials and delegations from Buala have traveled to Kia, Wednesday.

Mrs Lonamei said upon their arrival, they will split into regional groups for the purpose of meeting and preparation for the event next week.

She said on Saturday they will be conducting a retreat the whole day in the church before the official opening of the meeting on Sunday morning.

“By Monday, it will begin the synod proper until Friday, the closing day,” she said.

She said since Isabel Diocese covers Russel Islands and Western Province, all representatives from the two places will also attend especially their clergies, priests and their chairpersons.

Mrs Lonamei said during the synod, they will be looking at the church canons and rules, what areas need to improve and how to improve especially with regards to implementation strategies.

“We will try to look at what we have been approving in our past synod to see where we fail in terms of implementation and ways forward to improve on them especially for us within the Isabel Diocese.

“By doing that, we can make some amendments or review to be able to address those issued,” she added.

She said its an opportunity also to raise any disagreement to the synod in order to find ways to address whatever is not right.

In Buala