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Guadalcanal SSEC region successfully raise fund for boat, OBM 

19 September 2020
Guadalcanal SSEC Region, Regional Superintendent, Pastor Cephas Kuba (Left) receiving a BSP cheque from a supporter.

Guadalcanal SSEC Region has successfully hosted its fundraising drive towards purchasing an Outboard Motor (OBM) and boat on Thursday at Holiday Resort, Henderson, East Honiara. 

Guadalcanal Region South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) Transport Need Committee Member Freddy Navi said the objective of the fundraising was to purchase a boat and an OBM because Guadalcanal SSEC Region members are scattered all over Guadalcanal. 

“It is hard for our church leaders here in Guadalcanal region to move around and share important messages to our members around the island, therefore the need of the boat and engine is very important to make the church work much more easier,” Mr Navi said. 

He added they hoped to raise $97,000 but those who turn up to donate and help the church have donated more than the amount needed to purchase the boat and engine. 

Guadalcanal SSEC Region, Regional Superintendent Pastor Cephas Kuba said, normally when they want to travel they will have to travel by boat and so there is a greater need for transport. 

“Most of the time we depend on public transport therefore it is a huge need for that, not only it is a long time issue, but with the committee formed we were able to host the fundraising event. Now we receive what is been needed to purchase the boat and engine. 

“I am so grateful and could not thank the hardworking committee enough for the voluntary work they have done and today (yesterday) we have received more than the amount need to purchase the boat and engine,” Pastor Cephas Kuba said. 

Pastor Kuba also thanked those who donated with their hearts towards the cause.

Mr. Navi said by next week they will purchase the boat and engine and hand it over to Guadalcanal SSEC Region. 

Newsroom, Honiara