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SSEC Central youth Ministry weekend Camp successful

21 September 2020
SSEC Central youth participants of the youth camp.

The SSEC Central Youth Ministry also known as CY Ministry held its annual youth camp over the weekend from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th September 2020) at CBSI recreational area- Aruligo, North Wester Guadalcanal.  

CY Youth Camp is held annually. It is a time when youths leave the comfort of their homes and hustle and bustle of the City to reflect on their personal relationship with God.  

This year’s youth camp was exceptional because despite of the pressure of Covid – 19 State of Emergency, the Youth leaders were determined to continue with the program.  The 2020 camp was centered on the Theme- New Level.  

The theme was derived from the book of Isaiah 59:19(b) “when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise its standard’’.  

The theme calls for youths to take a leap in their intimate relationship with God, to serve God, and in serving others.  

Around 180 youths attended the camp program. It was a record attendance compared to the previous camps.  

The program started on Friday evening and ended on Sunday afternoon.  

On Friday evening, the program began with introduction; praise and worship followed, and Mrs. Joana Kenilorea Hanu delivered the word of God from the book of Isaiah 59.19(b).  

The call to surrender to God was the pinnacle focus. A lot of youths gave their lives to Jesus and others received counselling.  

On Saturday morning, after having an ample sized breakfast, the youths were divided into two groups to do community work and evangelism at the neighboring communities, Diudiu village and San Isidro disability center.  

Youths involved in cleaning up the compounds and gardens, taught the young people dances and songs, and share the love of Jesus to the community through the distribution of gospel tracts and Gideon’s international pocket bibles.  

It was an inspiring experience for most of the youths. For some, it was the first time to weed and to sew sago palm leaves.  

In the afternoon, youths involved in a number of different games. Despite the scorching heat of the sun, the youths enjoyed the day with a lot of fun games.  

Saturday evening, the youths had a blessed time of praise and worship, and the word of God was shared by the Youth Pastor –Steve Lemuel Rauona. The challenge again was for youths to surrender their lives completely to God.  

Sunday morning was the highlight and climax of the weekend, the word of God was delivered by one of the former youth president Ezra Bengasi, his message focused on Isaiah 59.19(b), to have an intimate relationship with God.  

A lot of youths gave their lives to Jesus for the first time, others recommitted their lives and others received physical healing as well.  

The presence of the God was evident in the room as you can see tears, smiles and the passion for God’s presence.  The service concluded with songs and dances from the Ministry’s Creative ministry and other groups.  

The camp concluded with a feast and all the youths were transported back to Honiara city.  “It was the best weekend ever,’’ expressed by some of the youths.  

The hard working camp chairman Mr Starlin Konainao on behalf of the camp committee expressed his gratitude to all the youths who attended the program. 

He said the initial preparatory work prior to this camp was exceptional, in terms of finances, logistics and prayers.  

He personally thanked the all parents for entrusting their children to be part of this youth camp.  

Also he thanked all the youth leaders for working together for the success of this camp program.  

CY president Marlon Keni said that the messages were timely, youths are vulnerable to a lot of influences, and so the best influence that can be given to them is the word of God.  

- CY media