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Koa Hill St Bishop Patteson Chapel consecration

22 September 2020
Archbishop of the Church of Melanesia, the Most Rev. Leonard Dawea with the newly confirmed members of Bishop Patterson Church at Koa Hill.

ST Bishop Patterson Chapel at Koa Hill under the Diocese of Central Melanesia unveils its new chapel on Sunday with an exciting whole day event.

The unveiling of the chapel goes along with the celebration of St Bishop Patteson Day of Koa Hill which also falls on the same day.

Arch Bishop the Most Rev. Leonard Dawea officially conducted the consecration as the special guest of Honour with some other invited guests, the likes of Member of Parliament (MP) for Central Kwara’ae Jackson Fiulawa, Dr. Luke Forau, Julie Gegeu, and other invited guests.

The event also saw the consecration of new confirmation class candidates for receiving the sacrament of the body and blood of Christ.

Crowds of more than three hundred were gathered at the Koa Hill, some came from Dala Parish and St Luke Bio Parish in Malaita Diocese, visiting friends from the Central Melanesia Diocese and some other surrounding satellite churches.

St Bishop Patteson Church is a satellite church of the All Saints Parish where its choir and that of Papaho also attended the celebration to take part of the singing.

As the consecration service ends, feasting also follows with the presentation of gifts and entertainments.

The presentations of gifts especially foods were conducted according to Zones before the feasting, speeches, and entertainments were made.

Speeches were from the Chairman of Koa Hill St Bishop Patteson Church, Chief of Koa Hill, and a history presenter.

The program concluded with the entertainment of around 24 groups which went up until late evening.

Newsroom, Honiara