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The Island Gospel Music Ministry reaches out to people in Auki

16 January 2021
Thomas Giosia.

The Island Gospel Music Ministry led by Thomas Giosia has continued to reach out to people in Malaita Province through singing and preaching.

Mr.Giosia the man accredited for designing our national flag was lately seen in the streets of Auki performing gospel songs and preaching the word of God. 

Yesterday afternoon Solomon Star Auki caught up with Mr.Giosia after one of his public sermons to passersby in Auki. 

He said that in the past week, he visited Auki Correctional Center (ACC) on two occasions where he sang and shared the word of God with inmates. 

Mr.Giosia who toured neighbouring Bouganville back in 2018 with his Island Gospel Music Ministry said his target now is to reach out to tribes in Malaita with his ministry sharing the word of God through preaching and singing. 

Asked about how long he will continue with his ministry, Giosia who is now in his 70s said that he would continue to do this as long as life permits.

“I have involved in worldly music for a good portion of my life and this time is to give back to the creator,” he said.

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