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UCSI ordains new minister

03 February 2021
UCSI Moderator Reverend David Garunu, presenting the newly ordained Minister Reverend Rockson Benisi with his wife Marama Mary Benisi to the United Church congregation. [Photo supplied]

The United Church of Solomon Islands, UCSI, has joyfully welcomed another Church minister into its folds on Saturday 30th January 2021.

The new Minister is Reverend Rockson Benisi, from Rukutu village in Marovo Lagoon, Western Province.

His ordination was conducted by the United Church Moderator Reverend David Garunu at the Wesley United Church in Honiara, with the support of acting Bishop Reverend Hilary Bero.

Reverend Benisi is not new to missionary work. His father was a missionary who once served in Bouganville in Papua New Guinea.

“I was born soon after my father finished serving in Bouganville and I grew up with a very strong discipline about the Church and the importance of attending Church services.

“I loved singing and would often sing alone during Church services. 

“Because of the strict discipline I had at home growing up, I never touched alcohol, smoked a cigarette, or chewed betel nut.”    

Straight after completing his education, Reverend Benisi went to work for the Lever’s Pacific Timbers in Ringgi, Western Province. Later he moved on to Levers Solomon Limited in Yandina, Central Islands Province.

Then he changed jobs again, this time to the Kolombangara Forest Products Limited – KFPL in Kolombangara, Western Province.

In 2005, Reverend Benisi received the call to enter into full-time ministry.

“I accepted the call. The timing was right. It was after the ethnic tension and there was a need for a Pastor at the Kukum United Church. I had no regrets.” 

He pastored the Kukum United Church congregation until 2018.

While he was serving there, Reverend Benisi pioneered the Men’s Ecumenical group. This group was made up of men’s groups within the different denominations in Honiara who would meet up for services.

Reverend Benisi was also instrumental in changing and forming the weekly fellowship at Kukum United Church into a Prayer Ministry.

He was also serving there when the outbreak of a revival reached Kukum, which became an avenue he used to strengthen the Christian faith of his congregation. 

He also undertook several mission outreaches with the Church reaching as far as Paokalia in Central Guadalcanal.

In 2018, Reverend Benisi was posted to the United Church in Tulagi, Central Islands Province. He spent around one year there.

In 2019, Reverend Benisi answered another call, this time to attend the Seghe Theological Seminary in Seghe, Western Province. 

Last year as part of his probationary service, Reverend Bensi was posted to Namoabu, West Kwaio, Malaita Province. 

God moved mightily, and in his one year there Reverend Benisi established another congregation. This will be the fourth congregation for Namoabu and they are in the process of building a new church building. 

Reverend Benisis said there are challenges he has faced while serving in the Ministry but he is passionate about his calling.

He believes God is using his special gift of evangelizing to reach people in remarkable ways.

“God to me is the source, centre, and beginning of everything. We Christians now should be living the life that abides in the Holy Spirit. That life was pictured for us in the book of Acts. That is how our life as Christians should be now. If we abide by the Holy Spirit, we will grow, mature, and bear more fruit in our lives.

“These days, a lot of us want to live lives of luxury and complacency,” he said.

But Reverend Benisi stressed that these are the last days and Christians should be growing in their faith. He reiterated that the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is near.

“All our denominations should be weaving together, not separating each other. 

“As Christians, we should stand together and build each other up. We are all part of one body – the body of Jesus Christ and He is one.”

Reverend Benisi will continue to serve at Namoabu for the next two years.

- UCSI Press