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SSEC Theological Colleges to be upgraded to bachelor level

24 March 2021
Former SSEC Bishops and the two newly elected bishops during the induction program. [Photo supplied]

THE newly-elected South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) Bishop Eric Maefonea says there is a need to upgrade courses offered by the church’s theological colleges to bachelor degree level.

In his inaugural speech during the induction service at the SSE, Central Church in Honiara on Sunday 21st, 2021, he expressed that it is very important to upgrade the theological colleges owned by the SSEC.

Bishop Maefonea explained that upgrading the church-owned theological institutions in the country to bachelor degree level is paramount in such ages we are living in. Onepusu Theological College and Saura Theological College very soon will be upgraded to bachelor degree level to avoid spending money to send local students to study overseas,” the newly elected Bishop said.

The SSEC National Executive, however, said it needed much work on planning and getting funds for the future development of the theological institutions owned by the church.

“Once our theological colleges are upgraded it will be much easier and less expensive for locals because we don’t need to send students overseas,” Reverend Bishop Maefonea said.

Gilbert Camp SSEC local church pastor Joshua Manui said he will pray for the proposed plan and hopes that one day he will be one of the future students to study at one of these theological colleges.

“I look forward once our very own theological colleges are upgraded to bachelor degree level,” Pr Manui said.