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Youth fellowship successfully held

03 May 2021
Youths of different churches in Honiara who joined the fellowship program. [Lachlan Eddie]

HONIARA Ecumenical Youths Ministry (HEYM) fellowship service was successfully held at St. Barnabas Cathedral, Sunday.

Hundreds of youths from the main the denominations in the country attended the first ever youth ecumenical fellowship for this year.

It was organised by Anglican Church of Melanesian (ACOM).

In his message to the youths, Archbishop Leonard Dawea said it’s good to see all youths in different denominations coming together to have fellowship together.

“This is a gathering of people going forward as Isaiah 52 v7 says, it is good to see the messenger crossing out the mountain.

“So, you have come across the mountains of your different churches to assembly in this secret place (Anglican Church) for this Honiara Ecumenical Youth Ministry fellowship service,” he said.

He said it was nice to see the young people come together and have fellowship together.

Archbishop Dawea spoke more about youths and some character of youths.

“Our country define youths from age 15-34.”

He said when he read about the definition of youths in the country, then he realise that Jesus was a youth before he died.

He said what Jesus did before he died he changed the whole world.

Archbishop Dawea highlighted that Honiara Ecumenical Youth Ministry can change the country and the world by being agents of change which was highlighted by the theme for this year; “Youth for Change in Solomon Islands as Christ Ambassador.”

The slogan is ‘Christ Ambassador.’

“Youths we can change the world, we can change Solomon Islands,” he said.

He said youths comprises of a group of people that are filled with spirit, character, experiences and decision making.

He said the change that the society wants is the change of mind set so that can change the country.

“In Biblical change means repentance,” he said.

Archbishop Dawea urged the youths to be good ambassadors for Christ.

“We must be good ambassadors for Christ, we must be like Christ,” he said.

He said when youths want to be good ambassadors for Christ they must know everything about Christ.

“We must know His words, we must know His laws and His gospel,” he said.

Last year similar event was commemorated to mark the Ecumenical International Youth Day declared by World Council of Churches.  

Attending the event yesterday were youths from United Church, Roman Catholic, SDA, SSEC and ACOM. 

Honiara, Newsroom