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Efona assists St Peters Anglican Church ahead of big day

24 May 2021
The current construction stage of the new Saint Peters Anglican church at Feraladoa.

SAINT Peters Anglican Church in Feraladoa Community was fortunate to receive financial support towards its completion from Central Honiara parliamentarian, Alfred Efona, ahead of a Saint’s Day planned for July 4th, 2021.

The financial assistance from the Member of Parliament (MP) was being described by members as timely and a boost in completing what has been six years of constructing the new Church.

Much of the income the community acquired to assist in the completion of the church building, have largely been sourced from small income generating activities by the community since 2016 . This includes fundraising drives held at the community compound and also from selling goods at the Talise market.

Unfortunately for the community, the government’s declaration of a State of Public Emergency (SOPE) in the first quarter of 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic was a setback for the community. This has had a huge and negative impact on the community’s ability to source and complete the building on time for the event in July.

The SOPE declaration led to constraints faced in completing the project on time for the successful hosting of the St Peters Day and also the official ordination of the Church deacon, John Mane, into Priesthood. The Community Church leaders had no other option but to seek help and assistance from Mr Efona.

Commenting on the MP’s timely assistance, the Chairman of the Saint Peters Vestry, Mr Moses Ramo, praised the Central Honiara MP for his timely response through the enormous financial contribution towards the completion of the Church’s roofing and iron beams.

“The contribution has greatly lifted the hopes of the Community and has largely encouraged the community’s spirit of working together in unity to grow even stronger. 

“We truly feel that indeed we have an honourable that listens and cares for the need of his people,” Mr Ramo, commented. 

Ramo also thanked the MP for Central Honiara Constituency, for his timely support and also would like to thank those who have contributed towards the building’s ongoing success, up until the present. 

Constituency Development Officer (CDO), Keyon Ronia, on behalf of Honourable Alfred Efona, is pleased to see the community spirit lifted and the community of Feraladoa working together through the MP’s assistance. 

“This assistance also reflects an Honourable that understands the role that churches like the St Peters Anglican church play, in building the community levels of development,” Mr Ronia said.

The CDO would also like to thank Junior Nokia, for pursing and brokering this successful partnership between the Community of Feralodoa and the Central Honiara Constituency Office.    

With the MP’s support towards the completion of the roof for the building, the community leaders of St Peters Anglican Church said work on the Church project will now be back on schedule to host the Saint Peters day event, and also the priesthood ordination of Deacon John Mane.