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Auki Catholic Parish commemorates ‘Year of Laity’ 

25 May 2021
Cultural dancers at the liturgy celebrating Pentecost Sunday at St Augustine, Auki parish. [Photo:Sr Loretta Kennie]

Auki Parish in the Catholic Diocese of Malaita has joined Catholic communities throughout the Pacific to celebrate the year of Laity with a Paschal candle.

The six weeks event successfully ended and celebrated on Pentecost Sunday at St Augustine cathedral, Auki parish.

For Auki parish, its first of it’s kind to celebrate such event at communities which many have expressed their experience as benefiting to their spiritual lives and families.

It creates great opportunity and time for each church member in the parish to experience Christ through the paschal candle.

It is also a special month for the church members in the parish to pray and mark the 14 stations of the Christ resurrection and the birth of the church on Pentecost Sunday.

The paschal candle successfully visited all communities of Auki parish- Rade, Oibola, Niukaloka, Auki Island, Lilisiana, Sasale, Fanualama and returned to Fasitoro.

Auki Parish Priest Fr Jeffrey Puritau at his sermon to celebrate the visit of the paschal candle at Sasale Catholic community on Synday 16th May reminded the congregation of the meaning of paschal candle.

He briefly explained the event to the Catholic members and reminded them to reflect and experience Christ in their lives.

A parishioner at Sasale community who actively took part in a 1o kilometre road parade from Sasale to Fasitoro, Auki with the paschal candle Augustine Samasia said event really helped his spiritual life to grow. 

“The paschal candle program helps strengthen my Christian faith and responsibility to continue to practise Christ in my family and community.”

He also described the program as a heart-touching event which members of local churches in Auki parish took part in parade with paschal candle program from Rade in Aoke Langalanga electorate to Sasale in West Kwara;ae electorate.

The one month program involving the tour of the paschal candle was described as a great experience for the parish and communities since it started after the Easter celebration.

Head Catechist of Auki Parish Fabiano Ngengemani acknowledges the local communities of Auki parish for the participation in celebrating the year of laity with paschal candle.

He said the Catechists ministry of Auki parish was pleased with contributions, time and sacrifices shared during the month of celebration.


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