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Holy Trinity Chapel at Lepi dedicated  

02 June 2021
Bishop Ellison Quity cutting the ribbon at the entrance of the Holy Trinity Chapel to officially open the church.

Lepi Village in Bugotu Paka District under the Diocese of Ysabel and Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) has unveiled its new Holy Trinity Chapel over the weekend.

The $1.3million complex was consecrated on Saturday 29th May, 2021. 

The consecration was conducted by Bishop Ellison Quity, Diocesan Bishop of the Ysabel Anglican Church of Melanesian and was witnessed by Gao Bugotu Member of Parliament (MP) Samuel Manetoali, Isabel Province Deputy Premier Tony Vahia, ACOM Priests, elders and hundreds of people around the Gao-Bugotu district. 

During the official consecration ceremony, Lepi and Japuana villagers welcomed Bishop Ellison Quity at their old chapel in Japuana Village, and showcased the journey of Christianity to the shores of Solomon Islands. 

Bishop Quity during the occasion said the completion of the chapel to its consecration showcased the good working structure of the Japuana, Lepi and Honiara based communities. 

MP for Gao-Bugotu Mr Manetoali said the completion of the church has taken a lot of time, money and resources to complete. 

He said the celebration of the Holy Trinity Chapel was because of the completion of the house of God. 

“This chapel is our home,” MP Manetoali said. 

He then thanked the communities in Japuana, Lepi and Honiara for their hard work towards the completion of the church. 

Consecration Vice Chair of the Holy Trinity Chapel said the consecration accession has brightened up the lives of villagers in Japuana and Lepi. 

He said the Lepi Holy Trinity Chapel was first planned in the 1981 but due to challenges and struggles faced by previous committees established to build the church, the church was never been completed. 

However, he said in 2015 the Honiara based committee was forced to dissolve and a new Chairman Joseph Major was elected. Three members committee including MP Manetoali was also appointed. 

He added under the new leadership a community based committee has been established in Lepi, with fundraisings being conducted in Honiara by Honiara based committee.

Money raised have gone towards the completion of the new chapel. 

Meanwhile, Japuana and Lepi (Jale) Chairman of the Honiara based Community Mr Major said the consecration of the Holy Trinity Chapel is through the hard work of the community leaders and people of Jale community. 

“It is through your hard work, financial support, cooperation, commitment and time given that we have reached today,” Mr Major said. 

He said from the past performance of the three committees since the planning and whatever small tasks carried towards the Holy Trinity Chapel was greatly appreciated.

He thanked the national government and the Isabel Provincial Government through their support towards construction of the Holy Trinity Chapel. 

He added since the planning of the chapel to the completion of the chapel has worth $1.3 million dollars. 

“There are challenges and struggles encountered in the beginning and towards the completion of the church. 

“However, through these challenges and struggles with the trust we have towards the almighty God, the church has finally completed,” Mr Major said. 

The colourful ceremony featured entertainment and feasting.

A delegation from Honiara traveled to Lepi on Friday evening and returned on Monday.

Newsroom, Honiara