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Melanesian Brotherhoods urged to be faithful

12 August 2014

The visiting Archbishop of Canterbury The Most Reverend Justin Welby has challenged members of the Melanesian Brotherhood to be faithful in Christ because there is no better call than to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

He was speaking to more than 200 brotherhoods at Tabalia, North West Guadalcanal during his brief visit to the Melanesia Brotherhood headquarter.

Archbishop Welby said being part of the Brotherhood is a higher calling.

“So be faithful to Christ, stay close to Him, love Him and above all serve people so that they can see Christ in you and become a disciple of God.”

His delegation spent around one and hour at the headquarter speaking to the members of the Brotherhood and pay respect to seven members of the Brotherhood who were killed during the height of the ethnic tension.

During a brief speech to the congregation, Archbishop Welby said since taking up the position to head the Anglican Church, his priority areas and focus were on renewal of the religious community, renewal of spiritual life, reconciliation and renewal of commitment and witness to the good news of Jesus Christ so that others can become disciple and follow Christ.

Archbishop Welby said during his visit he was able to see that brotherhoods have lived up to all the priorities.

He urged the members of the church to be a force of advocating reconciliation and continue to promote peace to others.

“We must have reconciliation and love one another even when we disagree with others because it’s the nature of God.”

He said the death of the seven brotherhoods killed in 2003 while trying to promote peace is a testimony of the sacrifice and dedication of the Brotherhoods which people from outside can see the importance of their work in trying to foster peace.

Archbishop Welby also appealed to members of the Anglican community in the country to pray for him so that he can learn to follow Christ, love and surrender his life to Jesus.

Archbishop Welby was elected more than two years replacing Archbishop Dr Rowan Williams who visited the country ten years ago.

Meanwhile the visit on Monday was described by the head brother Matthias Tovotasi as a historic one for the members of the Brotherhood.

He said most of the members have been excited and looking forward for the visit.

“We have prepared for the visit for over two weeks and following the visit today (yesterday) I’m satisfied and excited.”

He said it was a blessing to host Archbishop Welby and his delegation.

Following the visit at Tabalia, Archbishop Welby and his delegation also took time to speak to members of the Anglican Church at St Barnabas Cathedral in Honiara on Monday.

The visiting delegation will leave the country today.