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What Mothers Union is

22 August 2014

MANY may not be familiar with what is Mothers Union (MU) and what this Christian organisation is doing.

On a fundraising held a fortnight ago at Iron Bottom Sound hotel, the church of Melanesia Mothers Union president Edith Koete highlighted the history of MU.

Some guests at the fundraising have came to know MU is an international Christian organisation.

“Mothers Union is an international Christian organisation that works through its grassroots membership to encourage, strengthen and support family life,” Mrs Koete said.

“The Christian organisation is founded by a mother and grandmother, Mary Summer in 1876 in Winchester, UK.”

“Mary Summer believed that mothers should be equipped for motherhood and understand the importance of their roles in the lives of their children.”

Mrs Koete continues with the vision of MU.

“Our vision is of a family, community, church and society where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationship,” she said.

MU aim and its purpose is to demonstrate the Christian faith in action by transformation of communities worldwide through the nurturing of families.

The mission objectives are to promote and support married life, to encourage parents in their role to develop the faith of their children, to maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service and to create conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children.

She said what many may already think is MU is an organisation for married women with children, church based, UK based, where it began, and a women’s institute.

“However, Mothers Union is a Christian mission with members in 83 countries, a worldwide fellowship of 4.1million members of 16,000+members in Melanesia, a membership of diverse Christians, female, male, married, single, divorced, parents and childfree, united in their care for family, a consultative voice for governments, church bodies and United Nations on matters concerning marriage and family life and lobby government to promote policy that supports marriage and families in the belief that stable families benefit all societies.”

She added MU has over 300 full or part-time employed workers who work with community’s strategies to support family relationship.

“Mothers Union members come from a unique Christian community. United in their mission to pray together and to support family life, they volunteer practical support at local communities.”

The president highlighted MU is firmly rooted in a voluntary ethos.

“Its governance, leadership and programmes are driven by and undertaken through members around the world as they respond to God’s call to faith and action.”

She said every member is committed to supporting and promoting married life, encouraging and equipping parents in their role to develop the faith of their children, being a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service, campaigning for conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children and helping those whose family life has met troubles and hardship.

 Through our work, Mrs Koete pointed out MU supports and promotes marriage, and supports those who have had damaging experiences of married life as marriage today faces increasing challenges.

“Mothers Union established and observes a national marriage week, which takes place in the 3rd week of June each year.

“Throughout the world, Mothers Union volunteers are offering marriage preparation courses.”

She further highlighted that children are capable of knowing and enjoying a relationship with God.

She said encouraging parents to develop the faith of their children is a key part of MU mission.

“All of us have been part of a family. Every family is unique, but all families have one thing in common, they are the building blocks of their community.

“Mothers Union support families though influencing government policy, and through provision of practical, social and spiritual support.”

She said Mothers Union seeks to create conditions in society favourable to all families, thereby creating stronger communities for all.

“We do this by promoting income generating to overcome poverty.”

Mrs Koete told Star Weekend magazine this week that the Church of Melanesia Mothers Union believes strengthening family lives will build a strong community, church and the government.

She said the fundraising was to support MU voluntarily and charity work.

Next week Mothers Union will hold a conference.