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Kingdom prayer centres to celebrate Easter

01 April 2015

MORE than seven Kingdom Prayer Centres in East Malaita are preparing for the Easter celebration.

To mark the event, members will converge at the Kibakwasi prayer centre (KPC) for few days of prayer.

The prayer meeting will start tomorrow Friday and finishes on Easter Monday.

Reports said, the four days gathering is the first ever to be hosted at Kibakwasi for other six centres.

Alpheus Alasina said, most of the members are looking forward for the important spiritual event.

“The aim of such gathering is to revive the spirit of unity amongst all Christian believers from these centres.”

 He added this is to encourage each other in God’s work at this end time movement.

“We see that it is important to organise such gatherings to encourage each other to move forward these days.

“It’s time for all Christian believers not to sleep but remain awake and pray in order to stand the temptations these days,” he added.

He also highlighted the need to pray for the country given the many things that are happening which affects the nation.

 “Things are now different compared to the past. So pray for yourselves each day and also our country,” Mr Alasina stated.

He said that Green Valley Prayer centre will also join the program.