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Adaliua Church to be dedicated

15 April 2015

THE newly constructed Adaliua South Sea Evangelical Church(SSEC) building in East Honiara will be officially dedicated this weekend.

Assistance Pastor, Paul Aba Billy confirmed this over the weekend.

He said, that the new building was constructed in 2012 and is now ready for its official dedication program this Saturday.

Last Sunday, SSEC church members in east Honiara gathered together to witness the official opening of a weeklong activity that leads towards this weekend’s dedication ceremony.

Pr Billy revealed that it was an expensive complex for the Adaliua community and the SSEC churches in Honiara.

“This was the fifth church building to be built at the site according to history,” Pr Billy added.

Due to land space, this should be the last and final church building to be constructed there.

He revealed the successful completion of the Church complex was made possible from the hard works of the people of Adaliua and other kind hearted people from in and around the country.

Member of Parliament for East Honiara Douglas Ete, MP for Central Honiara John Moffat Fugui and Steve Abana have assisted in the construction of the new church building.