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Participants told to be role model

12 July 2015

MORE than thirty people attending a peace, trauma and counselling training at Fera’abu Bible School in east Kwara’ae are being urged to be role model in peace keeping in their communities.

This was highlighted by the Director of Solomon Islands peace and trauma counselling (SIPTC), Ishmael Idu during the certificate presentation ceremony.

He said that after such training, participants must be role model in peace making in the communities.

“I want you to go back and practice peacemaking in your location,” Mr Idu urged the participants.

 “We are the peace makers because God has given his peace to us many years ago, he stated.

 “So whatever, situation we will face in life, make sure handle it in peace,” he added.

He said that it was confirmed in John 14: 27, this is my peace I liveth with you, my peace I give unto you not as the world gives; let not you heart be trouble, and do not be afraid.

He added that whatever comes on the way do not forget to deal with it peacefully. “Always reconcile with your brothers or sisters or anyone else if you have problem with them. It is the last thing to do of any conflict.”

He added that building peace in communities is every body’s business but you should show them first.

The principal Jeffrey Daulima thanked the team for facilitating the training that meant so much to his students and the community.

“Thank you SIPTCL for your time with us,” he said.



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