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“Where truth there is life.”

09 August 2015

The Dominican Mass Centre of the Good Shepherd Parish at Henderson celebrated their feast day St. Dominic on the 8th of August.

He was the founder of the Dominican friars and sisters who are dedicating their lives in serving the people of God by their teaching and preaching of the Gospel.

The Eucharistic Celebration was officiated by his Grace Archbishop Adrian Smith sm, assisted by Deacon James Ere’ai and con-celebrants were the priests from Vincentians and Dominican priests.

It was a great celebration as the liturgy was well prepared by the various groups of the community.  Archbishop in his sermon highlighted the wishes of the Saint for his conferrers and sisters to pray and assist the people with their faith.

“The idea of SALT is to preserve and make food more taster.  Where truth there is life.  Life preserve Values.”

The Archbishop thanked the Dominican family members for their mission work in the church as well congratulated them for the great work on the extension of their chapel.  This allowed Catholic people around Henderson area to celebrate their faith on Sundays and other days.

The friars and the sisters together with members of the community provided refreshment shortly after Mass which the people enjoyed it while lunch is been prepared.  It was a great celebration which was enjoyed by all especially the children.  Happy feast day to all the Dominican friars and sisters near and far.

- Sr. Sesilia Sala FMA