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Bosconians got talent

16 August 2015

The first day of a three-day celebration concluding the bi-centenary of Don Bosco’s birth, Bosconians from Tetere, DBTI - Henderson and Mother Mazzarello Centre – Henderson had their Talent Show at DBTI Hall yesterday from 10.30 AM.

Oh, what a show!!!  Magnificentor Fabulous wouldn’t be good enough an expression!

The program began with the hoisting of the National Flag and singing of the National Anthem.

Fr Joseph, Rector of Don Bosco Tetere led the opening prayer.  Fr Dominic, the Rector of DBTI welcomed the three institutions saying “we are making history, since we are the ones privileged to celebrate the 200th Birthday of Don Bosco”.

Tommie and Ms Monica were the master of ceremonies for the day.

Don Bosco Tetere’s Panpipers were the first to perform, their painted bodies and graceful movements with the melodious pipes won the applause of everyone.

Four other groups from Tetere sang, danced and acted with inspiring messages portraying the influence of Don Bosco among young people.

The ladies of the MMC sang and performed an action song.

The different trade groups of DBTI put up great variety and enjoyable performances.

The Automotive and Carpentry students had a marching tunes to the songs they composed, and were unique sort of dances.

The Life Skills students had a rap composition which they performed with amazing leg movements and yells which held everyone spellbound.

The MFM students stole the show with their creative drama and action song depicting the way Don Bosco’s system of education can transform people.

The Electrical students enacted the dream of Don Bosco at the age of 9 and how it is still being realised today in all the continents spread out to 132 countries, with Solomon Islands keeping the flag high.

The EOSDT students were the most creative with their mixture of variety of dancing and singing.

While the judges were tallying the points, the staff of both the schools amazed the students with their performance.

Everyone is in suspense waiting the announcement of  prize-winners on Sunday, the concluding day of the celebrations.