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Christafari tour promotions to start soon

01 October 2015

PROMOTIONS for the Christafari tour will commence soon after the venue for the two days family event is confirmed on Tuesday.

 It was confirmed to the Solomon Star by the local tour promoter, Moses Maearia that the venue now will be at the Town Ground Rugby stadium and not the Rove Police field as announced earlier.

 “This will be more like a family event for church people who live in the city and it is also open to the general public.

“Tickets and T-Shirts will be available by end of next week and most of these will be sold in churches in and around the city as well as some private companies like Global Digital Printing Pty Limited and ZFM 99.5 for easy access to those who don’t normally go to church.

“We don’t normally have events like these for Church people in recent times but we believe that with this one coming up we will start to tune the city’s atmosphere to the friendliness we use to enjoy so this is a urge to all Christian families and friends to come out in numbers and together let’s make this a great family time,” Mr Maearia told the Solomon Star.

The promoter also wished to thank the local Rugby Federation to finally allow the venue for the event to be hosted on.

“We just want to thank the Solomon Islands Rugby Union Federation for allowing the venue for this event to happen.

“As a promoter, I would also like to warn that this is a Christian and alcohol free event so consumption of alcohol is strictly NOT allowed,” he added.

Meanwhile, the dates will be the same, which is on the 28th and 29th of October 2015 and the admission fees for a single show will be SBD$70.00 for adults and SBD$30.00 for children while the admission fee for both shows will be SBD$100.00 for adults and SBD$50 for children.