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Avu Avu to host next dorcas federation

12 October 2015

AVU AVU in the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal will host the next Western District Dorcas women and Adventist men congress in 2016.

This follows the successfully staging of the first-ever dorcas federation held fortnight ago in Marau, East Guadalcanal from September 28th to October 3rd.

Acting Prime Minister, Douglas Ete officially opened the event which brought together close to 500 women from about 18 dorcas societies.

From Honiara, dorcas societies from the Western district which included societies from Varamatta down to Kakabona, West Honiara traveled to Marau by a chartered boat.

Other dorcas societies from around Guadalcanal province also traveled separately to the event.

The Federation’s theme was ‘Loving, Caring and Sharing’.

And this was the highlight for the ladies during their stay in Marau.

Reports said, they were heavily involved in sharing things like clothes, food and other domestic items to the needy and families in communities both in the coast and in the highlands of that region.

Last Sabbath, the various societies conducted Sabbath programs in their Churches to report on the success of their trip at Marau.

Various testimonies and experiences were shared to the congregation.

It was highlighted that the weeklong event was an eye opener not only for the communities in and around Marau but for the ladies who attended the the camp-out.

Reports said, people came out in numbers daily to be part of the programs.

Women from various denominations were also part of the weeklong camp-out.

There were spiritual programs during the night, health talks, Bible studies, health check-ups, sessions and workshops on floral arrangement, cooking, how to prepare local dishes/food, lava-lava dye, how to fix and maintain OBM and other women related activities.

The ladies also conducted visitation to various villages where hundreds of clothes were distributed to families in the interior of East Guadalcanal and along the coast.

It was highlighted, the clothes were not enough and two more trips to bring bales of clothes were made throughout the week.

With the request still high, plans are underway to ship more clothes to Marau for further distribution.

Some of the ladies reported that people in the area need better health services, education, water and sanitation.

People have traveled far from inland to access health services at Marau station.

During the program, some of the Adventist men were able to put up the foundation for a Church building in the area.

After the event, few people gave their lives to the Lord through the water of baptism.

One of the Adventist men, who was part of the trip, Ghuapitu Milton said, he really enjoyed the trip because of the fellowship they have with the people in the area.

He said, the work of the Lord in the area is slowly penetrating through the communities following the visit.

He said, it was really nice to be on such a mission to help those who are in need of basic items like soap and clothes.

Another youth who was part of the trip named Stanley said, he was really blessed by the trip because its a God’s mission.

He vowed to be part of the next trip to Avu Avu again next year.

A dorcas lady Norma Shadrach Bello has challenged more women, men and youths to be part of the next trip next year to the Weathercoast.

“Please we need more people and youths to be part of this mission to go out and help our people in the Weathercoast,” she said.

Most of the dorcas societies have acknowledged their Church for their support which allowed them to be part of the event.

The ladies and and organisers also expressed their gratitude to the Member of Parliament for the area Bradley Tovosia who was very supportive of the program and vowed to support next year’s event again.

They further acknowledged the national government which supported their trip to Marau financially.

The Deputy Prime Minister during the opening ceremony on Monday 28th September presented $130, 000 to the dorcas.

About $100,000 was given to the federations while $30, 000 was given to the three women groups of Marau, the Catholic, Anglican and SSEC denominations women’s groups who were also part of the congress. Each group received $10,000.

Minister of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs Hon Freda Tuki Soriacomua was also present and said, the program demonstrated the partnership between government, churches and communities in sharing skills, knowledge and experiences that will go a long way in benefiting the dorcas women, as well as those within the surrounding Marau communities were who involved.

Its understood, following the success of the Marau federation meeting, plans are now underway to ensure the next trip reaps bigger success.