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Victory Praise set to launch new DVD

02 November 2015

A LOCAL religious band, Victory Praise will be launching their new and first ever DVD album entitled ‘Empower’ in Honiara and Auki, Malaita province this month.

Band Manager Ronny Lekafia told the Solomon Star in an interview that in Honiara, the DVD launching will take place at the Kukum SDA grounds, east Honiara on Sunday 15th November 2015.

The launching in Auki will be held at the Fred Fono building on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th of this month.

Mr Lekafi said that, the DVD is being produced by the Home Grown studio in Honiara and a total of 10 songs are what makes up the album. From the 10 songs, two were sung in the Kwara’ae dialect, one pidgin tune and the rest are English melodies. 

According to the manager, the style of music that they played is more like the Island reggae genre.

Victory Praise band is originated from Aufasu village in the Central Kwara’ae region, with nine active members. It was more like a family band which was formed in the 1980s. Since it was started, the band usually performs in fundraising drives within their small community until they decided to record their first audio album in 2007.

This DVD album will be their first since their formation more than 20 years ago.

Meanwhile, Mr Lakafi appeals to their fans to get ready to buy a copy of the DVD during the launching on the said dates.

“This is the end times so it is good that we share the words of God through music.

“To the talented youths, please make sure you use your talent to praise God and not the world,” the soft spoken band manager said.