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Church told to prioritize Sunday school ministry

17 November 2015

SUNDAY school teachers of Kobito 2 South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) were told to prioritize Sunday school ministry.

A Sunday school teacher Anna Tolo highlighted this during the Sunday School closing ceremony held at Kobito 2 church over the weekend.

“Like other ministries in the Church, Sunday School ministry must be prioritized in this church,” Mrs Tolo said.

“Sunday teachers must attend classes everyday Sundays to make sure their students receive lessons accordingly.

“I know its a tiring job although we earn no payments for it but our rewards are waiting in Heaven.

“I want us to be serious with this job and not working as casuals.

“Let us work permanently with our God in this ministry to make sure that our children learn God’s word during their childhood days,” she added.

She said during the beginning of this year there were about 20 teachers but six of them failed to make it to the end due to other committees.

“As we are closing our program for this year, I want to appeal to all of us teachers and parents to work together next year to make sure that this ministry continues to operate much more better more than this year,” she said.