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St Peter’s Gizo training centre holds graduation

24 November 2015

ABOUT 16 students from St Peter Gizo training center have successfully graduated from their courses in mechanical, joinery and construction, electrical and life skills two years course.

Since 5 years, from its foundation, the center gives an opportunity for further technical education to students who have no other choice to continue with their studies.

It was a touching and solemn occasion for a sincere acknowledgment of the efforts done by staff and students to live up to the spirit of the Center “Born for greater things” and in fidelity to the aim of the school to form “good Christians and Honest Citizens”

During the liturgical moment the students have been challenged to dispel the darkness  of violence, corruption and injustices by becoming a credible and clear sign of hope and light to this broken world we live in.

The 16 graduates can give a lot of taste to the community if they will be faithful to their values and use their skills positively at the service of their community.

The speeches of the students expressed their sincerest gratitude to their principal, the staff, the  catholic church and Italian volunteers and the benefactors from the Bachman foundation from Switzerland  through the JEW Don Bosco mission procure from Austria  who made the training center possible.

It was touching to hear students from other churches appreciate their principal Fr Steven Te’e ‘a Catholic priest for all churches’.

Petrina in the name of the graduate students compared the 16 graduates to the turtle running against the rabbit… we let the rabbits go ahead but with our perseverance we will overtake them and win the olympics race of life.

Hon Lopoto, the guest speaker from the provincial government expressed the appreciation of the Western province to the Catholic church in the name of bishop Luciano Capelli,  for the training centers at St Dominic Vanga, the Vanga Teachers College, the saint John Bosco center in Nila the St Peter training center at Gizo and the values and skills it offers to the students who have no more alternatives for further education.

He challenged the graduates to be ready for the western province dreams for statehood
The principal was deeply and personally involved in the lives of the students, always at their side encouraging and supporting them. In his speech he thanked Caritas New Zealand for their great support to the center , called for the collaboration of all and congratulated staff and students with a sincere personal touch. The students truly felt his love and care.

The joy, the tears, the solemnity of the occasion, the elegance of the dress (built entirely by the students), the participation of the community made the day a great occasion to be proud of

We thank God for this and congratulate the graduates.


By Most Rev. Luciano Capelli, SDB
Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Gizo