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Priest calls for unity in 2016

05 January 2016

VISALE parish priest Fr John Galvin says he want to see unity in the work of God in this New Year 2016 amongst all Catholic Christian members in Visale parish.

He was speaking to the Catholic members at Visale Catholic Church on Sunday.

“Thank you all for working together with me in the work of God throughout 2015,” Fr Galvin said.

“All your hard works is for God and I want to appreciate you for your cooperation so far.”

He said that despite of challenges on the way, God has carried us through to this new beginning.

“I want to appeal to everyone us to work more in unity this year in the work of God.

“Let us work towards our goals as to serve God in honesty, truth and faithfulness.”

He said that let us lift up our heads again this year and fix our see to the Lord and move on in this journey.

“Thank you chiefs, community leaders and church members for working together with me for last 12 months.

“Let us do the same during this year again.”